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“We are incredibly pleased with the smooth installation and the fantastic functionality that the solution provides, especially for remote workers.”
Shah Ali, Assistant Principle, St Frances Xavier

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remote working


Why Diva Cloud fits the bill…

Remote working has become an invaluable structural business asset over the past few years, with companies favoring its productivity-boosting benefits over its more traditional location-restricting counterpart.

Now, thanks to Diva Cloud, technology has caught up and can fully support business continuity and communication, making remote or home working even more attractive with features that include:

  • Office presence: Communications can be replicated outside of the office environment regardless of location or time, resulting in business continuity.
  • Simple access: All system features are available as if the phone was in the office (DDI, Voicemail, BLF, call recording and reporting etc.).
  • Monitoring & hot-desking: Easily deployed into Diva Cloud, providing visibility and strengthens team-working.
  • Satellite offices: Companies can connect smaller remote offices without purchasing a separate telephone system – anywhere in the world.
  • Adverse weather: Staff can rapidly set up base camp anywhere so it’s business as usual, regardless of weather or extremities.
  • Cost saving: Includes built in call bundles plus all calls to remote offices and workers connected to Diva Cloud are free as they use internet connectivity and internal VoIP channels.

Remote working benefits

  • More productive: Due to quieter atmosphere and less distractions.
  • No commute: Resulting in a happier work / home balance and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Healthier: Less stress plus more able to incorporate exercise into the day.
  • Cost savings: E.g. office space and utilities for employer and no commute costs for employee.
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