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gigabit fibre
“Our Gigabit Fibre networks are constructed with the latest deployment techniques, smart-routing, reinforced cables and ducting. A first-rate pure fibre infrastructure such as this enables UK businesses to compete and succeed in a world that’s bound for a digital future.”

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gigabit fibre


Is your internet fast enough for your business growth?

Can it withstand the fast pace of data demand?

Diva Telecom is the chosen B2B delivery partner of CityFibre, the builders of Gigabit Cities. We’re on a mission to put an end to poor internet connectivity, making us responsible for supplying the Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield business community with the most advanced award-winning Gigabit Fibre internet technologies around.

Not only is it the future of the internet, it’s an entirely different internet. More than just speed, Gigabit Fibre supplies your business with unlimited scope and endless opportunities, allowing you to do more than you ever thought possible now and tomorrow.

What is Gigabit Fibre?

Gigabit Fibre is 100% optical fibre that runs almost entirely underground. It currently carries 1GB speeds but has the ability to carry much higher speeds for use in the future.

It’s a modern, capacity-rich, ultra-low latency network that’s completely independent to BT, making it the most essential future-proof business broadband available.

Unlike old copper networks, it’s rarely impacted by bad weather, flooding or falling trees.

Gigabit Fibre is inherently resilient – it uses a ring based core architecture where, in the rare case a fibre break were to occur, traffic simply re-routes itself.

Gigabit Cities are built with enough fibre in place on day one to serve every business with growing Gigabit speeds far into the future, making it easy for businesses to upgrade speeds as required.

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