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gigabit city Leeds
“High speed internet connectivity allows businesses to become more efficient and productive, and to make the most of the latest advances in cloud computing and remote working, so City Fibre's investment is important in underpinning Leeds ongoing economic growth.”
Cllr James Lewis, Deputy Leader of Leeds City Council

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gigabit city Leeds


Is your company facing slow connectivity?

Leeds can now be considered amongst the best digitally connected cities in the world with 117km of ultrafast pure fibre infrastructure in the city, which is completely independent from BT and Virgin.

Delivered by Diva Telecom and powered by CityFibre, Gigabit Fibre is designed with the future of the city in mind. For companies of all sizes, a connection to the Gigabit City Leeds network is one of the most advanced and reliable business internet options in Leeds, costing just £319 to £429 per month.

How can Gigabit Fibre benefit my business?

The business benefits attributed to Gigabit City Leeds – or Gigabit Fibre internet in general – have been summarised in detail on this page here, including the following key features:

  • Transfer files 10-100 times faster than all but the most expensive business connections
  • End crippling upload and download speeds
  • Maximise related investments and get the best out of cloud storage/hosted applications
  • Attain affordable competitiveness with a resilient, cost-effective and future-proof internet service

How is Gigabit Fibre helping Leeds Businesses?

Ever since Leeds became a Gigabit City, organisations such as Leeds City Council, Northern Ballet and Digital Agency have benefited from enhanced productivity, improved workforce efficiency and profit increases:

“We saw huge improvements in our productivity after just a couple of weeks of being connected to the gigabit network. It’s given us the ability to experience a whole new level of internet capabilities – we were expecting it to be amazing and it lives up to our expectations.”

Keith Hale, Managing Director at GDS Link

“Based on price it was an easy decision for us to change to Gigabit Fibre. The cost difference between 100 MB and 1 GB was so minute – it just made no business sense not to go ahead.”

Hid Sugiura, IT Manager at Cohen and Wilks International

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