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“Diva Telecom have not simply tried to sell us products that we do not need, but have listened and structured what is best for us, thank you.”

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Professional recording of your IVR messages is important for your organisation, especially when you are trying to expand into new countries and markets. Most customers will not listen to (or may not understand) your IVR or on hold messaging unless it’s in their native language.

IVR or on hold messaging is therefore paramount when looking for new UK and international customers. Through our partner, we offer the best audio quality IVR or on hold messages. Experienced voice over artists will give your IVR or on hold messages the right tone, pace and intonation.
  • Professional voice recordings
  • 100+ artists, 50+ dialects and languages
  • One-stop shop for voice solutions
  • Flexible, quick, low-cost service delivery
  • Increased customer satisfaction


What do your customers really think of you?

Surveying your customers regularly is an essential part of running a successful business, regardless of your industry, product or service. Surveys measure satisfaction – or dissatisfaction – with your offerings. Determine customer needs and offer an opportunity to effectively communicate and build truly personal relationships with your customers.

When you take both praise and criticism to heart in order to fulfil the true needs of your customers, you build invaluable loyalty that can create a buzz around your business and bring in enthusiastic, highly qualified referrals. At Diva, we design low-cost, high value post-call surveys via IVR or SMS to suit your specific needs.
  • Motivate agents to deliver a consistent, quality service
  • Use as a training and coaching aid
  • Allow speedy management intervention to correct ad hoc or consistent issues
  • Add greater depth and understanding to management reports


We guess you have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect your data - but what about your sales lines?

Unforeseen natural disasters like floods or heavy snow are not the only circumstances that can affect your business, other factors such as fires, power cuts or the accidental cutting of a cable in your area could disrupt your operations.

If you lose your phones for an hour, a day, a week...what would that do to your bottom line? If you rely on phones for your business, then you could be putting your business at risk by not having a contingency routing plan for your sales and support numbers.

At Diva, we offer a range of tailored plans that will protect your business’ reputation and continuity. No matter the situation, we’ll work with you to look after calls at the flick of a switch.
  • Re-route all incoming calls
  • Changes to numbers take immediate effect
  • Minimum disruption
  • Detailed disaster recovery analysis and plans for any type of disaster


Email to Fax ties your email to a real fax number, eliminating the need for a fax machine, an extra phone line and all the associated expenses such as paper and ink. Fast, reliable and secure, Email to Fax enables you to send and receive faxes via your computer. What's more, it reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Send faxes via email
  • No additional fax line required
  • Send doc, jpeg, PDF, PPT and XLS attachments
  • Removes the need for conventional storage
  • Allows multiple users
  • Email notification of fax status
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