Delivering award-winning business telecoms solutions, including International and UK inbound numbers, Gigabit Fibre, SMS and Audio Conferencing, to over 1,000 customers worldwide since 2006.
“Diva made it really easy. They’re flexible, friendly, helpful, and their knowledge of the market is excellent. Diva is small enough to provide a responsive and personal service, but also has the backing of the biggest players in the industry - it’s the best of both worlds. A fantastic service!”
Mike Jones, Peer 1 Ltd

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Q. Do I need to register?

With Instant Conference you can get connected straight away — there is no registration needed.

For more advanced features you need to register for an Upgraded or Pro Account. It’s free to register and only takes a minute.

Q. Which option is right for me?

Click here to compare our conferencing services.

Q. How many people can I have on my conference call?

Instant Conference: up to 50 people. Upgraded User: up to 50 people. Pro User: up to 300* people.

*Parties up to 300 people requires a 5 working day notice period.

Q. Do I need special equipment?

No, our conferencing solutions are as simple as making a call. You can call on any landline or mobile phone, in the UK or abroad.

Q. How good is the sound quality?

The quality of our conference calls are excellent and clear. We only use premium routing and Tier 1 telecommunications networks to ensure that your calls are not affected by external factors like internet traffic.

Q. When is the service available?

Our conferencing solutions are available to use 24/7.

Q. Is there a limit to the duration or number of conference calls I can make?

No. You can call as often as you like and stay connected for as long as you need.

Q. What number do I dial?

For an instant call you can use the following numbers:

From the UK: 0844 848 4444

From Austria: 0820 4011 5641

From Belgium: 070 35 47 87

From France: 0826 100 287

From Germany: 01803 002 131

From Ireland: 0818 275 679

From Spain: 902 886 065

From Sweden: 0939 1190 107

From elsewhere - UK Global Access: + 44 844 822 1100

If you host regular global conference calls or need better pricing for your mobile phone users, we have a wide range of international toll free and local UK numbers - find out more here.

Q. Can I dial-in from abroad?

Yes. Instant, Upgraded and Pro Users can use any of the Standard Access Numbers, including the Global Access Number +44 8448 22 11 00. Pro Users can also use a wide range of international toll-free access numbers and other UK numbers, including a London ’0207’ telephone number.

If you need any help, call us on 0330 333 0330 (dialling from the UK)  or  0113 237 5070 (if dialling from abraod)

Q. Where can I dial the Global Access Number from?
The Global Access Number of +44 8448 22 11 00 is widely supported by telephone carriers across the globe. Although this list is not exhaustive, our conferencing service regularly receives calls to this number from the following countries:
• Arabia
• Argentina
• Aruba
• Ascension
• Australia
• Austria
• Azores
• Bahrain
• Bangladesh
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Cape Verde
• Chile
• China
• Colombia
• Croatia
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Egypt
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Ghana
• Greece
• Hong Kong
• Hungary
• Iceland
• India
• Indonesia
• Iran
• Iraq
• Ireland
• Island
• Israel
• Italy
• Japan
• Kenya
• Kuwait
• Libya
• Luxembourg
• Macao
• Madeira
• Malaysia
• Malta
• Mexico
• Monaco
• Morocco
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Nigeria
• Norway
• Pakistan
• Palestine
• Poland
• Qatar
• Romania
• Russia
• Saudi
• Singapore
• South Africa
• South Korea
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Taiwan
• Tanzania
• Thailand
• Tunisia
• Turkey
• Ukraine
• United Arab Emirates
• United Kingdom
• USA (all major cities)
Q. What can I do if my Carrier doesn’t support the Global Access Number?

If you have any problems dialling +44 8448 22 11 00 from abroad, you can:

• speak to your Telephone Carrier

• contact Diva Telecom’s Support Team on 0330 333 0330

• upgrade to a Pro User account Pro Users can use a wide range of international toll-free numbers or UK numbers beginning ’01’ or ’02’.

Ask us about upgrading your account if you regularly need to dial-in from abroad by calling 0330 333 0330 (+44 844 873 2353).

Q. Can I dial-in from a mobile phone?

Yes, all standard access numbers can be dialled from a mobile phone. If callers regularly dial-in from mobiles, we recommend upgrading to the Pro User account. With this you have access to UK numbers beginning ’01’ and ’02’, which are normally included within a mobile minute ’bundle’. This can save you as much as 20p per minute.

Call us for more expert advice on 0330 333 0330.

Q. Do I need to pre-book my conference call?

No there’s no need to reserve*. Diva Conferencing is ready when you are. Simply invite your callers to dial-in and enter their PIN to connect.

*Parties of 300 people requires a 5 working day notice period.

Q. How do I let my participants know about the details of the call?

With an instant call, you simply set a date and time for your conference and invite your callers by email.We’ll send them an invitation telling them what to do and when.

With a Pro User account, you have the option of inviting guests by email or a free text message.

Q. Can I record conference calls?

Yes. Pro Users can subscribe to Call Recording and record all conference calls from any conference room with this service.

Contact us for expert advice on 0330 333 0330.

Q. Is the service secure?

Your conference room is completely private and the call is as secure as you dialling direct to the other callers.

Regular and Pro Users can also lock the room to other participants using in-call controls, and other free security features such as announcing the caller’s name.

Call us now on 0330 333 0330 or email