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Call Manager – Upgraded Call Features

In addition to the inclusive Call Manager features which come as standard with every UK and International number purchased from Diva Telecom, there are also many more innovative and flexible call handling solutions available which are designed to suit your specific business needs.

Listed below are a selection of features and their business benefits – if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then speak to our consultant on 0330 333 0330.


Disaster Recovery

Agent Manager

Call Queueing

Time and Date Routing

Call Recording

Plus Many More Features

Disaster Recovery

If you lose your sales, support or staff telephone lines for any period of time what would the impact be on your bottom line? Unforeseen natural disasters like floods or heavy snow are not the only circumstances that can affect your business, other factors such as fires, power cuts or the accidental cutting of a cable in your area could also disrupt your operations.

Our tailored Disaster Recovery plans will protect your business' reputation and continuity via a detailed disaster recovery analysis and plans for any type of disaster. You can easily set multiple plans or pre-set behind the default plan. Via the Call Manager dashboard telephone numbers can be switched manually or in groups of up to 200. At a touch of a button incoming calls can be re-routed with immediate effect and with minimum disruption to your business.

Agent Manager

This feature delivers incoming calls to individual agents who can be located anywhere and on any device. Calls can be routed according to department or skillsets and directly to any landline or mobile via the Call Manager. Agent Manager is especially useful for home workers, if staff cannot reach the office, handling calls during out of office hours or dealing with queries remotely.

This feature also enables you to quantify, measure and reward performance based on the statistics that our Call Manager delivers.

Call Queueing

Deal with incoming calls efficiently and improve customer satisfaction with call queueing. Designed to ease the pressures associated with high call volumes, call queuing holds your calls in a queue until an agent becomes available. You can also offer callers an opportunity to break out of the queue and leave a voicemail requesting a call back.

The call queueing feature is easily managed with our Call Manager, where you can specify a maximum number of queued calls and gain near real-time call statistics. Whilst held in a queue you can also play relevant business messages, comfort messages or simply play on hold music.

Time and Date Routing

Control where your calls are answered dependent on the time of day, day of the week or even for specific holidays. Calls can be diverted to a mobile, a landline, to other office locations or outsourced call centres globally – giving you the flexibility to be available at any time for your customers.

Time and date routing is especially useful for routing calls to another number during out of office hours. For example if your office is open 24/7 the night shift that receives a lower call volume could work from home, reducing the business costs associated with opening the office throughout the night.

Call Recording

Call recording allows you to record incoming calls. You can choose to record all calls, some calls or even activate call recording mid-call. This feature is especially useful for dealing with customer complaints and also for staff training.

The call recording feature delivers playback on demand and provides online storage for recorded calls. You can also send recordings to an email or secure server.

Note: This service is not PCI compliant or encrypted. Talk to us if you need PCI or legally compliant call recording as we have alternative solutions.

Plus Many More Features

The Diva Call Management platform also features Zone Plan, Virtual Switchboard, Professional Recorded Greetings, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Language Prompts, Mid-Call Transfer, Caller Line Identification routing and override, DTMF Capture, Multi-Outdial, Missed Call Alerts and many, many more features.

We can create a bespoke plan that is right for your business. Our expert consultants will help you identify the optimum features to meet your business’ requirements and create the perfect call management package for you.

Call us now on 0330 333 0330 or email
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