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We don’t spam or share your information with anyone else
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Cats Protection 6 months sober challenge


We’re nearly there! The finish line is just in sight… ?

Following on from our January announcement that our Marketing Manager Alex would be extending her Dry January to include a massive 6-month stint (ending in July), we catch up with how she’s doing and what her funding raising efforts look like.

Month 1: January

Both the hardest month and the easiest. Starting is always the toughest part of any challenge, and this is no different, yet the fact so many other people participate in Dry January certainly helps keep your spirits up. Not so easy when those cheeky weekend cravings kick into action though – but we guess that’s why they call it a challenge!

Like the troopers she is, Alex powered through January in style and launched our Cats Protection Just Giving fundraising page. To kick-start the initiative she also put together an uplifting Blue Monday fuddle.

As told by Alex: “Oh, month one. I’ll never forget it. Granted, you don’t have as many temptations as you normally would, mostly because nobody ever really parties that hard once NYE has been and gone – but a glass of red wine on a Friday is a winter staple and that was a tough one to hit on the head. But I did it! It’s such an amazing cause, very close to home, and that definitely made me persevere.”

Month 2: February

Weddings, birthday parties, Saturday night gigs… Alex side-stepped them all by testing all the best alcohol-free alternatives out there and settling on a few favourites – but reserving them strictly for special occasions. 

Other members of the Diva team, Andrew and Darren, continued along with her sober challenge in solidarity. Day 50 was marked on the 19th February and luckily it was a nice short month for the sober ones.  

As told by Alex: “I call month two my experimental phase. I tasted that many alcohol-free alternatives that I could’ve started my own blog! Sadly, as the month wore in, my cat Mia went missing and still hasn’t returned. This just makes me even more determined to help support Cats Protection in their efforts – if Mia is anywhere, I hope she is in their safe and affectionate hands.”

Month 3: March

One of her biggest challenges to date was when Alex attended talks at Marketing Week Live but had to settle for a soft drink in a sea of alcohol when it was time for the evening drinks reception. With Mia still not back, she was determined not to crack and she didn’t. Alex stayed upbeat and hopeful.

As told by Alex: “Can you believe it? As soon as month three hit, Diva’s MD, Erica’s cat Luca went missing. It was awful but it kept everyone in the office motivated and full of fundraising cheers. Thankfully, after 16 heart-breaking days, he returned home to lots of cuddles. By now, my sober challenge was getting easier the more into a routine I got. I started working out more and focusing on other areas of my life. It was only at events with other drinkers I’d really notice.”

Month 4: April

Halfway there! When the 1st April hit there wasn’t a fool in sight. Alex then achieved another milestone at day 100 on 11th April, which just so happened to fall on National Pet Day! While on 12th April, Darren and Alex exhibited at the CIU Beer & Trades event in Blackpool to promote our products and services to small social clubs around the country. More side-stepping and soft drinks ensued despite the free flow of beer and merriment.

As told by Alex: When it was time for us to go on stage to present Diva Telecom’s prize, a Black Sheep Hamper, I could’ve really done with a bit of ‘Dutch Courage.’ Does anyone out there actually enjoy public speaking? Personally, I’m not a fan. Alas, fellow exhibitors did later hand out free samples of Hooch, and after feeling sorry for me, gave me a bottle to enjoy on the 1st July. That was a lovely gesture and I very much look forward to having a tipple.”

Month 5: May

Diva Telecom were announced as finalists at an awards ceremony hosted by Comms Dealer, in recognition of our fundraising efforts. It was a great night with plenty of wine on every table – and she couldn’t touch a drop! Alex soldiered on though, enjoying her tonic water, and keeping the gifted little gin bottle for July. 

As told by Alex: “Being announced as finalists for a fundraising award was a really special moment. Everyone at Diva Telecom really tries to make a difference in any way they can so to be acknowledged in this way was an honour – not just for me, but for all of us here. Even though I couldn’t drink, the atmosphere was amazing and I loved celebrating with some great people.”

Month 6: June

The start of the 6th month has begun – the countdown is on to the 1st July. £280 has been raised so far – but we don’t want to stop there! There’s still plenty of time to raise so much more! So, please, click here to donate. Alex says the best part of her journey has been opening up a discussion about alcohol around the office as well as with all the amazing people she’s met over the last six months.

As told by Alex: “It has been an incredible six months for me. One big learning curve. I’ve embraced gatherings as ‘the sober one’, I’ve talked to people who suffer from alcohol dependency about their struggles and I’ve learned all there is to know about the excellent work of Cats Protection.

If you could please donate to our page, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement.”

A message from us:

Alex, you should feel very proud because we certainly are. You’ve done an incredible job rallying the troops and spreading awareness. We know it’s been a rewarding experience for you and as far as we’re concerned, you’re our hero. What will you get up to next year?!

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