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Delivering award-winning business telecoms solutions, including International and UK inbound numbers, Gigabit Fibre, SMS and Audio Conferencing, to over 1,000 customers worldwide since 2006.
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“We chose Diva Telecom because of the speed of response from an initial site meeting to receipt of quotation, but more importantly the help and advice given in a professional but friendly way.”
Glenn Broughton, Croso UK Ltd

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We don’t spam or share your information with anyone else
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Getting To Know David Brookmyre

We sat down with our Internal Account Manager, David Brookmyre, the newest member of the Diva sales team, to learn more about him:

What specifically got you into Telecoms eight years ago?

It was more to do with gadgetry - telecoms seemed like quite a techy career to get into. I have a musical background and I did a lot of working with guitars, effects boxes, recording studios etc. whilst at University and I felt telecoms seemed to relate to this.

What was your first impression of Diva Telecom?

Honestly, my first impression was that Diva really look after their customers. I’ve worked in offices where it was very much a ‘get it off your desk as quickly as you can’ attitude, whereas here I found it to be the exact opposite in making sure everything was completed correctly and that really struck me.

What excites you most about working at Diva Telecom?

I think it would be working internationally. My focus at the moment is more on a local basis, on the Gigabit City Leeds project, but going forward I would like to learn from our MD, Erica Lewis, and hopefully in the future I can work with some of the more international clients.

What achievements are you most proud of outside of work?

I went travelling to Costa Rica, which was amazing – I climbed a volcano, went on a zipline that was half a mile in the air and I had to walk through the rainforest with spiders as big as your face! I was very much out of my comfort zone and had to push myself.

I’ve also done bits and pieces in theatre, where I’ve had to stand up in front of lots of people, which again was getting myself out of my comfort zone but now it’s more natural for me.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I have a few guitars that have been gathering dust recently. I do like to play them a bit for fun, but I used to do a lot more playing in bands. I also really enjoy theatre.

What type of music do you like?

I really like Indie music and guitar music. The main two bands I like listening to at the moment are probably Fun Lovin’ Criminals and U2, although I think they annoyed people by putting their album on everyone’s iPhones! I went to see U2 a few years ago in Dublin and they were fantastic.

What is your favourite film?

It changes a lot but I do always enjoy Gladiator – it’s one of those films I can happily watch again and again.

Where is your favourite place to eat out?

Probably Fazenda. I also love Tapas places, but I’m yet to find a really good one in Leeds!

What would be your ideal holiday?

A bit of travel, a bit of adventure, good food and a bit of wildlife. I’d love to go to Tanzania, there’s a mountain there called Kilimanjaro and an ambition of mine is to climb it one day.

One quirky fact about you?

A friend of mine runs a Murder Mystery company and I do events with him. Hotels ask if he can put an event on and he gets actors in who are the suspects – I’m actually one of the actors. Pre-dinner there would be a murder and in-between courses there would be bits of acting; the actors have to pretend they’ve not done it and then at the end one of them will confess to the murder. It’s a lot of fun!


For more information on our pure fibre gigabit connectivity service, call David on 0113 457 4445 or email him on



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