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Delivering award-winning business telecoms solutions, including International and UK inbound numbers, Gigabit Fibre, SMS and Audio Conferencing, to over 1,000 customers worldwide since 2006.
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“We chose Diva Telecom because of the speed of response from an initial site meeting to receipt of quotation, but more importantly the help and advice given in a professional but friendly way.”
Glenn Broughton, Croso UK Ltd

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We don’t spam or share your information with anyone else
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black friday gigabit fibre

Don’t let Black Friday slow down your business

Nothing increases traffic or demand quite like the promise of a bargain. As Black Friday/Cyber Monday gains momentum with each passing year, so does the surge in online consumerism. Why flood the streets and battle crowds when you can stay at home and still enjoy a good discount?

It would appear that this thought process has become progressively common, with it being predicted that Brits will spend a staggering £10.4 billion this year.

Sadly though, this does mean that traffic jams can’t be avoided entirely – we don’t just mean for the shopper either. What do you get when you combine poor-to-average internet connectivity with supercharged online ‘footfall’?

A backlash: Crashes. Delays. Buffering. Slowdowns.

It’s the urgency that does it – the ‘one day only’ threat of missing out that pushes the usability of the internet to the brink, calling into question the reliability of your business’s current internet connection.

Don’t you think it might be time for ultrafast fibre?

Somehow though, amidst the mayhem, there’s a solution or – more accurately – an avoidance tactic: Full-Fibre. Boasting speeds of up to 1GB this can certainly help your business cope with ‘busy days’/higher internet usage, making slow up and downloads a thing of the past.

There’s no way your business should grind to a halt (or even a slight pause) and suffer from productivity annoyances just because the general public are in the mood to spend. You also don’t need us to tell you that a slow internet connection is a waste of time/money but what you may not know is that, these days, there’s no reason it should even be a ‘thing’ – not now that pure fibre has become much more affordable and accessible to SMEs.

Here’s what 1GB can do:

Let’s keep it simple. 7.4 Gigabytes of data is equivalent to a DVD. You’re trying to up/download it. How long will it take?

-          A 10Mbps connection = 1 hour and 34 minutes

-          A 100Mbps connection = 9 minutes and 24 seconds

-          A 1Gbps connection = 56 seconds

Full-fibre really is that fast so why waste any more time?

Let us help you speed things up – Diva Telecom is the leading B2B service provider for CityFibre and we’re on a mission to dissolve poor internet connectivity. We even offer a 500MB service to businesses who feel as though 1GB might be just a tad too much – you can upgrade at any time too without new installations.

The best bit?

The cost of our Full-Fibre internet connectivity is Black Friday friendly all year round – after all, you can’t future-proof an entire city in 24 hours… We want  business communities to prosper so we’re in it for the long-haul.

That’s ok, you can thank us later…



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