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Delivering award-winning business telecoms solutions, including International and UK inbound numbers, Gigabit Fibre, SMS and Audio Conferencing, to over 1,000 customers worldwide since 2006.
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“We chose Diva Telecom because of the speed of response from an initial site meeting to receipt of quotation, but more importantly the help and advice given in a professional but friendly way.”
Glenn Broughton, Croso UK Ltd

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We don’t spam or share your information with anyone else
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Clockwork’s got their Eye on Diva

What would you say if you only had 7-10 seconds to grab a viewer’s undivided attention?


This was the challenge presented to us by Clockwork Eye Video Productions when Diva Telecom teamed up with them to craft some exciting content for our YouTube channel.

Game on.

Rolling in 3, 2...

Did you know that the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website that has videos?

Well it’s true.

Last year we attended a training course conducted by Gareth James, Clockwork Eye’s MD/Producer, and that was that. With our curiosity leading the way we decided to give video marketing a chance and enlisted their help.

Method in the madness

We began by learning the art of scripting aka how to keep it brief. Since three out of four videos were to showcase our products this proved initially tricky as we pondered out loud, ‘How can we encapsulate all of the functionality of our services, simplify our products’ complexities and demonstrate Diva’s expertise all in one minute of screen time?’.

The Diva team needn’t have worried though – Gareth and Mick Sugden (Clockwork Eye’s Director) really knew their stuff, sharing their top-secret insider tips and tricks on how to give viewers what they really want: Answers.

So, what exactly did Diva Telecom film?

·         ‘Why Diva’

·         Benefits of Gigabit Fibre

·         What is ‘The Cloud’?

·         Audio Conferencing Considerations

After mastering the art of the spoken word it was time for our stars to take center stage in front of the camera so that the Clockwork guys could do what they do best – direct!

And… ‘ACTION!’

That’s a wrap

Diva can’t thank Gareth and Mick enough for bringing the entire experience to life with their cheerful guidance and support. The nerves, anticipation and laughter made for a day we won’t forget!

But the best part?

We learnt that video production doesn’t have to cost a fortune because once you know how, you can do it yourself. In fact, next on the agenda for Diva Telecom is to learn how to make DIY videos with Clockwork’s anxiety-free training sessions; safe to say that our eyes are now well and truly open to the wonders of video marketing.

Your turn!

For the chance to transform how your business is perceived and to bring its credibility up to date, give these guys a call on  01535 517077 (let Clockwork Eye know that you heard about them via Diva) or visit their website – you won’t regret it. In the meantime, have a peek at our soon-to-be-transformed YouTube channel but don’t forget to check back to watch our shiny new videos!



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