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Delivering award-winning business telecoms solutions, including International and UK inbound numbers, Gigabit Fibre, SMS and Audio Conferencing, to over 1,000 customers worldwide since 2006.
“Diva made it really easy. They’re flexible, friendly, helpful, and their knowledge of the market is excellent. Diva is small enough to provide a responsive and personal service, but also has the backing of the biggest players in the industry - it’s the best of both worlds. A fantastic service!”
Mike Jones, Peer 1 Ltd

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Q. How long can a message be?

One message can be up to 160 characters and will use 1 credit for UK mobile. If your message is more than 160 characters it will be split into multiple message parts of 152 characters. These parts include a header that enables the receiving phone to re-assemble them into one big message, this uses 8 characters. The maximum size of a split message is 608 characters, which is 4 parts. For UK mobiles, you will be charged 1 credit per message part.

Q. How long does it take to send a message?

Generally, DivaTxt messages will be delivered within 60 seconds; however this depends on the recipients’ mobile provider. At peak times there can be a delay of a few minutes.

Q. What will happen if the number is wrong?

It will appear on the report as Invalid Number if the number is not in use.

Q. Do I need any special software/equipment installed?

No – DivaTxt is web-based, so all you’ll need is a computer with internet access.

Q. Can I operate the system off-site?

Yes – the DivaTxt system is web based and so can be used from anywhere. This means that if your office is closed in an emergency, the lines of communication will still be open.

Q. Are there any on-going commitments?

No – you can cancel the DivaTxt service at any time. If you are on a monthly plan then you’ll be billed for the current month and not again unless you sign up again. If you are a PAYG customer then we don’t refund unused messages but they are valid for 12 months of purchase and you can send them at any time you wish within that time.

Q. Why are my messages using more than 1 credit?

Messages will use more than 1 credit if:
- you are using over 160 characters per message
- you have sent messages to an international numbers which use 2 credits.

Q. What is email to SMS?

Email to SMS works like email, but rather than sending an email message to someone’s PC, it sends an SMS text message to their mobile phone. You can simply use your email as normal, and if you wish you can add an email SMS address to your normal email address book e.g. (

Q. Can I use the email to SMS service from more than one email address?

Yes – you can add as many email addresses as you need and even an entire domain or mail server.

Q. Can I mix-and-match normal emails and SMS recipients?

Yes. When you are sending messages, the only difference between an SMS email and an email is the address you send it to. You can send the same email message to any number and combination of email and SMS email addresses.

Q. Can the person that I send the message to reply to it?

Yes – as long as you are not using a customised sender ID, all they need to do is reply to the message in the normal way from their phone. The message will then be sent back to the email address you used to send the original message from.

Q. Can I send a text message to someone in a different country?

Yes. If the recipient is usually in the same country as you are, then you just send the message as normal. However If their phone is registered abroad, then you will need to replace the leading ’0’ with the appropriate country dialling code. For example, if you live in England and have a French recipient whose mobile phone number 07711223344, the number to which you would send your message would be ’337711223344’, with 33 being the dialling code for France.

Q. Can SMS email interfere with my normal email in any way?


Q. How do I buy messages?

You can pay for your messages in advance by topping-up your account using your credit or debit card. You may top up between 500 and 50,000 credits.
Your credit card transaction is handled on our behalf by Barclaycard.

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